As significant storms – wind, rain, hail or snow –  make their way into our service areas, Campo is fully prepared for an immediate response no matter the damage. We come to your home quickly and stabilize the affected area on your roof to protect against water damage. We then assess the damage and work with you to begin the insurance claim process.

Our years of experience and deep expertise have made the lives of our customers’ easier as we are with you through the insurance claim process. First, your deductible and the possibility of an increased premium should always be considered before you make a claim. There is no reason to make a claim for minor damage that costs the same or less as your deductible.

To make sure you’re making a wise decision, we will come and inspect your damage to determine the extent of it and how best to address it. We will work with you to negotiate with your insurance company’s adjuster and arrive at a payment to cover the amount needed to fix your damage. It would be our honor to be your advocate with your insurance company. It’s our job to make sure you receive the settlement you require.