No matter the season, proper ventilation of a roofing system in Cleveland provides important benefits. During the hot summer months, the temperature inside an improperly vented attic can hit 160 degrees, causing roofing materials to age prematurely and forcing your air conditioning system to work harder to keep the lower levels cool. Attic ventilation reduces extreme levels of heat and moisture. In the winter, proper attic ventilation prevents the formation of ice dams – a notorious source of roof leaks – by keeping the surface temperature of your roof consistent.

Campopiano Roofing can help you prevent early roof replacement and possible structural damage to your roof with attic ventilation improvements. You’ll also save on energy bills.


To determine whether your attic ventilation is doing its job, our experienced roofers will inspect your roof, attic and walls. We can advise you on the ideal solution to your problems, whether it be adding exhaust vents, intake vents, ridge vents or an attic fan, or relocating or uncovering existing vents.

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