Roof damage can occur as a result of storm damage from wind and hail. Severe storms can damage your shingles to the point where you require replacement or repairs. How do you know? Hail damage will look like bruises or dark spots where the roofing granules themselves have been knocked away from the roof surface. Holes, missing shingles or cracks may also occur. In the event of strong winds, shingles may have been curled or torn away altogether. If not taken care of, the damage can become even more serious as leaks into your home can cause rot and mold formation.

If your area has experienced sudden changes in weather, be prepared to call a trusted roofing professional for your wind and hail damage roof inspection. It takes an experienced, trained eye to recognize hail damage on the roof, gutters, and siding. Unless the hail was softball size, you cannot see the hail damage to roof and gutters from the ground. In fact, in some circumstances, the hail damage will not appear on the roof until a month or two after the storm.

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