Laminated Shingles: Perfect for Your Home
March 21, 2018
  • Roofing
  • They Can Withstand Strong Winds

    Laminated shingles can be locked tightly in place, securing your roofing even from strong winds. GAF, for instance, offers dual-layer asphalt shingles that can withstand winds of up to 110 mph. CertainTeed, another shingles manufacturer, uses fiberglass scrim to improve the durability of their shingles. Their asphalt shingles are able to withstand winds of up to 115mph, meaning they can stand up against a Category 3 hurricane. Most roofing contractors worth their salt recommend having the shingles upgraded to withstand up to 130 mph of wind.

    They Look Beautiful

    These days, a durable roof is not enough for homeowners. They want their roof to also look good and to match the style of their home. This is why manufacturers now offer laminated shingles in various designs and colors. Some manufacturers offer shingles that look like shakes, or options that mimic the beauty of wood. They also come in different finishes, such as CertainTeed’s Landmark® Series, which has a multi-dimensional look.

    They Come with a Good Warranty

    You know how confident a manufacturer is of their work by the kind of warranty they offer for it. Manufacturers of high-quality shingles offer warranties that last decades on top of the warranties the roofing contractors offer themselves. Manufacturers like CertainTeed also design products to be algae resistant for up to 15 years. They also offer a Lifetime Limited Transferable Warranty to cover manufacturer defects.

    They Help Prevent Leaks

    Ice dams and heavy rains may cause leaks if your roofing system is weak and not installed properly. Architectural shingles are durable, and manufacturers add a protective layer to their shingles to enhance their strength against leaks. Talk to your roofer for an integrated roofing system, for optimum results.


    Your roofing is only as strong and durable as the quality of its installation and the material you choose. Talk to Campopiano Roofing about your options by calling (330) 391-7799. We have several shingle varieties; you’ll find one that suits your property just right. We serve Ohio residents, particularly Akron, OH.