Terrific Tips To Avoid Flat Roof Problems
September 25, 2017
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  • Flat roofs deliver great energy performance, improve aesthetics and provide additional outdoor space. As a flat roof owner, however, you can’t take upkeep for granted or leaks will eventually form. Experienced roofing contractors, including Campopiano Roofing, recommend these tips to minimize issues:


    Inspect Gutters Religiously

    Whether your gutters are covered or not, make it a habit to evaluate their condition. Installing RHINO Gutter Guard® would reduce the chances of blockage significantly, but it won’t make your gutters and downspouts completely maintenance-free. The rainwater outlets of any flat roof’s drainage system tend to clog easily, so keep an eye on windswept debris, especially during fall.

    Keep The Roof Surface Clean

    Clean flat roofs last longer than those filled with dirt. It’s actually not uncommon for saplings to take root after procrastinating maintenance for too long. Such debris doesn’t just attract critters and insects, but it also adds extra weight for your roof to bear.

    Seal Cracks ASAP

    Seasoned roofing contractors warn about the pitfalls of allowing cracks to go unchecked. They set the stage for water infiltration, which would accelerate the wear and tear of your flat roof. Since the elements and regular foot traffic would bruise the roofing material at some point, you should schedule routine professional evaluations to identify red flags early and patch them up immediately.

    Don’t Delay Replacement

    Don’t keep your flat roof beyond its expected service life, even if you have never had a problem with it. Chances are, it just might fail sooner rather than later. Proper maintenance and timely repairs wouldn’t extend the life of your flat roofing system. When the time is ripe, hire professionals like us to conduct a replacement project so you can avoid surprise leaks.

    As one of the region’s longest-operating flat roofing contractors, Campopiano Roofing is the name you can trust. From maintenance to replacement, we specialize in all services to keep your flat roof intact and beautiful. Call us today at (330) 391-7799, or fill out our contact form for a free estimate. We serve Akron, OH, and nearby areas in Ohio.

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