Leaking Roof? Do This Now!
March 21, 2018
  • Roofing
  • Catch The Dripping Water

    Things become particularly challenging if you notice the leak while it’s raining outside. Your first task is to look for the source of the leak, sponge the drywall to remove any pooled water and catch dripping. Use a plywood placed across the drywall, so that the bucket is not directly placed on the compromised section of the drywall. You don’t want that bucket falling and hurting someone in case the drywall collapses.

    Call A Roof Repair Company

    It’s important to call a roof repair company as soon as possible so they can mobilize their team quickly. Campopiano Roofing reminds residents that a small delay in having the leak repaired may turn them into major expenses. As your top roofer, we recognize that shingles, flashing, and gutters are all possible sources of leaks. As such, we inspect these areas and even offer a gutter guard to protect the gutter system from future clogs, which may lead to a new leak. If the gutter is severely compromised, we may recommend a replacement, preferably with a seamless gutter, which doesn’t have the welded parts that may be weak spots.

    Be Mindful Of Storm Chasers

    When you’re worrying about a roof leak and eager to have it repaired as soon as possible, you may be an easy victim for storm chasers, or those who offer their quick services for payment in cash. They may make the leak sound more serious than it is, and leave you no room to think it through. Before signing anything and letting them work on your roof, ask for their license to operate or perform a roof repair.


    As soon as you notice a leak in your, you have to act. Save Campo Roofing’s number on your phone and call (330) 391-7799 if you need emergency roof repair.