The Many Rewarding Benefits Of A Healthy Commercial Roof
September 22, 2017
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  • For commercial property owners, the roof is a major asset. When kept in good condition, it prevents any unnecessary disruption to the business and provides real savings.

    Commercial Roof

    This is why proper commercial roofing maintenance matters. In Campopiano Roofing’s book, restoring a savable roof or replacing a faulty, old one in a timely manner offers many rewarding benefits:

    Keeping Your Interior Dry, Comfortable and Intact

    The primary purpose of your roof is to weatherproof your building. All perfectly installed roofs are able to play this role, but their effectiveness diminishes due to natural wear and tear. Improper upkeep would weaken the defense they provide against nature. Unfixed problems would eventually lead to leaks, causing a variety of problems, including water damage, mold growth and compromised indoor comfort and energy efficiency.

    Avoiding Liability And Its Associated Problems

    Uncontrolled drips make the floor slippery, potentially leading to slip and fall accidents. If you don’t call in an experienced commercial roofer urgently and someone gets hurt because of your leaky roof, your business would take the blame.

    Delaying the Need for Replacement

    No roof reaches the end of its expected life span without proper maintenance. Regular professional inspections are key to uncovering signs of damage and fixing them immediately. Since not all issues are visible, they can’t be acted on unless discovered. Repairing minor problems keeps your roof serviceable for as long as possible and saves you money by delaying the need for replacement, maximizing your investment.

    Preserving Your Roof’s Warranty Valid

    Most, if not all, roof warranties require regular maintenance. If you fall short in the upkeep of your commercial roofing system, you might void its warranty coverage. If that happens, you’d shoulder the cost of its replacement materials and labor to install them.

    Campopiano Roofing has been maintaining commercial roofs since 1978. We have the expertise, experience and integrity to care for your building’s roofing system and maximize its service life. Call us today at (330) 391-7799, or fill out our contact form for a quotation. We serve clients in Akron, OH, and nearby areas.

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