Low Slope vs. Steep Slope Roofing
March 22, 2018
  • Roofing
  • The Low-Down on Low-Slope Roofs

    Commercial roofs fall into two general categories. Under low-slope roofing, you have built-up roof membranes (BUR), single-ply roofing systems and modified bitumen membranes. These roofing systems are angled at 14° or lower and typically feature three elements: weatherproofing, strength reinforcement and surfacing.

    Thanks to these multiple layers, low-slope roofs are waterproof and possess incredible puncture resistance and dimensional stability that allow them to perform well for many years. If installed properly, these roofs can last a long time with minimal upkeep.

    High Praise for Steep Slope

    The other common type of commercial roofing system is the steep-slope roof. It has water-shedding properties and is used on roofs with an angle higher than 14°. Asphalt shingles and metal are two common examples of steep-slope roofing found on commercial buildings.

    Though known as a staple of many American homes, shingles also give commercial properties unmatched appeal and efficiency. GAF and CertainTeed manufacture some of the best asphalt-based shingles in the industry. They also offer superb warranties that ensure your commercial roof will last for many years.

    Marvels of a Metal Roof

    This versatile material can be used on low- and steep-slope roofs. Metal is a popular choice for commercial building owners thanks to its low maintenance, versatility and modern beauty. Its cooling properties also make it an efficient green building product. You can have this type of roof installed as standing seam panels for better looks and weather resistance.

    Campopiano Roofing doesn’t just carry out roof repair in Cleveland, Ohio; we also perform outstanding low-slope and steep-slope roof installation for commercial buildings. We offer professional single-ply, BUR, modified bitumen shingle and metal commercial roof applications. The best part? Our roofing systems are all manufacturer-warranted. We work with trusted names such as GAF and CertainTeed to ensure you’re getting no less than the best.

    Got a low or steep-sloped commercial building that needs a new roof? Give us a call at (330) 391-7799 and ask us for a free estimate to get started.