5 Factors That Affect Roof Performance And Life Span
September 29, 2017
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  • Most roofing materials fail early due to several factors. Some are avoidable while others are not. Nonetheless, they can all affect your roof’s performance and life span.

    5 Factors That Affect Roof Performance And Life Span

    To keep your roofing system serviceable for as long as possible, Campopiano Roofing talks about the primary culprits behind premature roof failure:

    1. Bad Design

    The design of the roof should be based on the property it covers while keeping the local climate in mind. Certain roof types are more susceptible to wind damage while others are less effective at shedding rain and snow. When you tackle a roof repair project, it pays to ask your contractor if your roof’s design is appropriate for your property. If the former is out of tune with the latter, expect issues to occur sooner than expected.

    2. Poor Installation

    Subpar workmanship can make the toughest roofs leaky in no time. This is why you can’t just hire any contractor; you should only entrust the installation of your roof to professionals who can guarantee flawless work.

    3. Long-Term Exposure To The Elements

    Nature is the enemy of any roof. The sun’s rays, strong winds, heavy downpours, detrimental snowfall, and sizable hailstones could all shorten the life of your roof. With or without visible signs of damage, it pays to schedule regular professional inspections to perform any essential roof repair in a timely manner.

    4. Improper Maintenance

    Even the most durable roofing materials require upkeep. In the event of damage, your roof’s warranty might bail you out if you fall short on your obligations to give it proper care.

    5. Advanced Age

    The more a roof ages, the weaker it gets. Performing a roof repair when necessary is paramount, but replacing an aging roof at the right time is just as important.

    At Campopiano Roofing, we have strong credentials to ensure your roof could perform as expected throughout its expected life span. We specialize in both residential and commercial roofing solutions and are certified by the manufacturers we represent. We’re fully licensed and adequately insured too. Call us today at (330) 391-7799 or fill out our contact form for a free estimate. We serve clients in Cleveland, OH, and nearby areas in Ohio.

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