4 Reasons Roof Repairs and Maintenance Are Important
May 10, 2017
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  • Your roof is not a set-and-forget installation. With its constant exposure, it will inevitably succumb to wear and tear, but how soon depends on you taking action to keep your roof in top condition.

    Roof Repairs and Maintenance

    Let Campopiano Roof share the reasons prompt roofing repairs and regular maintenance is important.

    1. Regular maintenance identifies the cause of roofing problems – Roofs eventually fail at some point. The key to prolonging its service life is to identify what causes roofing problems. For example, in roof leaks, water stains isn’t the real problem – it’s merely the symptom of a hole in the roof. Fortunately, we perform maintenance inspections that don’t just patch up holes in the roof. We find out what causes (or what could cause) the holes in the first place and apply a permanent solution.

    2. Repairs prevent existing problems from getting bigger – Don’t wait until your next scheduled maintenance if you discover roofing problems by yourself. Roofing problems, no matter how small, can quickly escalate if not fixed in a timely manner. We understand how critical timely repairs can be, which is why we offer storm damage repair services and insurance claim assistance.

    3. Regular maintenance keeps your roof beautiful longer – Regular maintenance keeps your roof in good condition. Consequently, your roof also keeps its looks for longer. Even if the roof colors fade, as long as there are no missing, damaged, or curled shingles, your roof would look like new when seen from the curb.

    4. Timely repairs and regular maintenance save you money – Regular maintenance and small repairs is much more affordable – not to mention more manageable – compared to the cost of a major repair or replacement project. Most roofing warranties also require regular maintenance checks, otherwise it would void the warranty.

    Campopiano Roofing serves property owners in and around Munster, Dyer, and Tinley Park, IL. To know more about our roofing repair and maintenance services, call us today at (330) 391-7799 or fill out our contact form to request a free estimate.

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