Repairing Roof Leaks with Cleveland Roof Repair Contractors

One of the annoying roofing issues we usually experience during heavy downpours is leaking. What most homeowners are not so much aware of that the roof takes a lot of beating but rarely maintained or inspected. This article from informs residents to check the condition of their flashing – an essential part of the roofing system – to avoid deterioration: Read more »

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Understanding the Warranty Coverage for Your Roofing

More often than not, consumers turn to warranties when things around the house go wrong and eventually get frustrated when it fail to cover those needs. Sadly, homeowners who usually are unfamiliar with the indicated specifications usually end up carrying heavy financial responsibilities. This situation does happen, including other common issues that are enumerated in an article released on a local news portal, Read more »

Beat the Summer Heat: Roofs for Commercial Buildings

Isn’t it annoying that weather conditions this season are hitting extremes? Not only homeowners are spending a lot of effort to cool themselves, but the overwhelming heat this summer is already affecting the room temperature of skyscrapers in the city. Due to this, various innovations already been devised to give solutions – one of those are cool roofs. According to an article posted on, Art Rosenfield, a scientist at the University of Chicago has been endorsing this due to its cooling benefits: Read more »

Medina, Brunswick, Lagrange, Strongsville, Kent and Stow Storm Damage

Got Hail - Campopiano Roofing

Medina, Brunswick, Lagrange, Strongsville, Kent and Stow all have reports of quarter to half dollar size hail. Call the experts at Campopiano Roofing  for all your storm damage repair needs, 1-877-55CAMPO and ask for one of our HAAG Certified Roof Inspectors to help you decide if you should file an insurance claim or not!

We work with ALL insurance companies to get what you deserve for your home or building.

Like you, we and our employees live and shop in the areas that we serve – Cleveland, Akron, Hudson, Aurora, Solon, Chagrin Falls, Twinsburg, Stow, Strongsville, Brunkswick, Kent, and surrounding areas. And like you, when we need to hire a local professional, we look for ways to tell whether the person or company is reputable, credible and does quality work. We ask around, we go to their website, we search reviews on the Internet and we check with the Better Business Bureau. But when it comes to residential and commercial roofing, we wanted to take this guesswork out of such an important decision, especially when you consider how essential a roof is to your home and facility and the investment required. That’s why our company has employees who became Haag Certified Roofing Inspectors.


Haag is actually the last name of the founder of Haag Engineering, a multi-faceted firm specializing in residential and commercial forensic engineering. Walter G. Haag, a civil engineer, established the company way back in 1924 to examine why structures, materials, components and products fail or do not function as designed. In its research and testing laboratory, Haag engineers assess roof damage, whether it’s from storm damage, improper installation, manufacturing defects, or mechanical-related causes.

This expertise is the foundation of the Haag Certified Roof Inspection (HCI-R) program. The training and testing program educates roof inspectors, adjusters, roofers and other professionals working in the roofing industry on how to apply forensic engineering principles to roofing systems. Those who successfully complete the program are certified as an authority in roof inspections. As such, whenever you see the Haag Certified Inspector emblem, you know that you are doing business with an expert in the roofing business.


Before anyone at Campopiano Roofing could become a Haag certified roof inspector, they first had to be the primary roof inspector on at least 100 residential roof inspections to meet Haag’s experience requirements. Once approved, they had to undergo a rigorous program that consisted of intensive training on all aspects of roofing systems and their applications, in-depth reviews of case studies that depict real-world inspection situations, and comprehensive testing that demonstrated their understanding of the course materials.

Here are just some of the topics covered during our participation in the Haag residential and commercial certified roof inspector program:

  • Roof inspection techniques
  • Inspection safety techniques
  • Roof area calculations
  • How to assess damage to all types of residential and commercial roofs using scientifically-based techniques
  • Manufacturing, installation, maintenance, mechanical damage, storm damage and weathering factors of all residential roof types
  • How hail and wind impact roofing
  • Roof repair versus roof replacement analysis

Check out Ricky Campopiano’s, Rob Creque’s and Steve Johnson’s HAAG Profiles at

Protect Your Investments: Hire the Right Roof Contractor

Akron, Ohio has been hailed one of the country’s most livable cities, partly because of the job opportunities afforded by the many manufacturing companies in the area. Its industrial growth is on a steady stream, what with its being the center of manufacturing for farming equipment, toys, and rubber. Read more »

Your roof isn’t just there for decoration; protect it like a primary investment

Akron, Ohio is home to Goodyear, one of the largest rubber manufacturers in the world as well as several other major companies which have also built headquarters — so you can just imagine the number of commercial structures like warehouses and factories in this city. If you’re also operating any kind of business in the area, you must understand that your structures, particularly your roof, needs to be regularly inspected and maintenance is very crucial. This article from lists some of the things to consider when hiring an experienced and reputable contractor:

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Home Improvement Doesn’t Need To Break Your Budget

Property damage is something people can’t afford to suffer these days, especially if that property is their home, but accidents happen and the damage can be costly. Even Mother Nature can affect everything it touches and what it leaves in its wake either needs to be repaired or replaced.

If you have experienced property damage or storm damage from wind, rain or hail, Campopiano Roofing, roofing contractors in Cleveland Ohio, can help you recover from the damage that has been done to your home.  Our services range from a roof repair to replacement.  We are here to help with your home improvement needs.

There are roofing contractors in Cleveland Ohio that can provide solutions but during trying times homeowners prefer the most convenient options they could get. If you want a roofing company that provides you with practical options without compromising the quality of your roof, Campopiano Roofing is the company for you. They offer 0% interest financing options through a banking and financial service that ranges from 6 to 60 months, thus easing your financial burden when you need to have repairs done.

Just because it’s easier on the finances, it doesn’t mean the materials for your roofing in Cleveland will be on the cheap side. Campopiano Roofing is a GAF Presidential Club Master Elite Contractor and has been recognized three years in a row as an Angie’s List Super Service Award winner. They also offer a wide selection of home improvement products, from stylish siding options to a full line of replacement windows, gutters and gutter protection. If you’re struggling to get your house back into shape, give the company a call.

(Article Excerpt from Summit County |Fire causes 300% damage to lakefront home,, April 23, 2014)

Environment-Conscious? Choose Slate Roofing for Your Property

Environmentally Speaking, All State is Green image

With the threat of global warming, any responsible citizen would love to learn how to be of help in conserving the environment. Thankfully, you can do this in a number of different ways and one of these even allows you to beautify and protect your property. If you’re planning on re-roofing or building a new home, slate roofing is the best option; it allows you to go green while giving your home or building a classy appeal: Read more »