Top Gutter System at a Discounted Price with CampoRoofing!

Now that it’s fall again, homeowners will again have to endure the exasperating task of cleaning the gutters regularly. If you’re tired of having to go through the tiresome job of cleaning leaves, twigs, and debris out of your gutter system time and time again, you should get Rhino Gutter Guards. Read more »

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Top 3 Reasons Why You Need to Inspect Your Roof Regularly

Though the lifespan of a roof depends on many factors such as the roofing materials used or how the roof was installed, did you know that roofs typically last for 20 to 25 years only? Your roof faces the different elements of nature day in and day out. Everyday exposure to sun, rain, air conditioning repair people, and other wear and tear slowly age the roof membrane until the service life ends. With so many things that your roof has to endure every day, it is important to inspect your roof once in a while. Roofing professionals actually recommend getting your roof inspected every year or two to make sure that your roof would be able to effectively hold even against the harshest weather conditions. Read more »

Campopiano Roofing Offers Services to No Roof Left Behind

Campopiano Roofing believes that it’s not just about being #1. We also incorporate values of giving back to the community, which puts us in the pinnacle of home improvement solutions. This is the reason why we offer our services to the noble No Roof Left Behind Contest.

No Roof Left Behind Contest is a national program that coordinates with local contractors to provide a new roof to someone in need. In joining this, we are able to put our expertise in roof installation and roof repair in Cleveland OH to a worthy use. Read more »

Campopiano Roofing Rocks Perici Amphitheatre this August 15

Shout! bandReady to Rock the Park?

Rock The Park, Northeast Ohio’s best summer outdoor concert series, will definitely rock your world with live performances from various artists of different genres every night. Of course a great music festival wouldn’t be complete without great food, spirits, and some ice-cold brews! Nestled amongst the tall trees of Glen Chamberlin Park, the Perici Amphitheatre provides the best venue for this annual music event!

This year’s Rock The Park Concert series will end with a bang this August 15 as Campopiano Roofing, one of the top roofing contractors in Akron OH, sponsors the finale concert featuring Shout! Read more »

Upgrade to a GAF Designer Shingle at a Discount

GAF American Harvest Shingles can give that modern architectural style you want, now at a discount for a limited time!

Campopiano Roofing Inc. is now offering an upgraded, lifetime warranty GAF American Harvest designer shingle at the same price as a non-designer shingle.

Offer expires at the end of September 2014!

GAF American Harvest Shingles

It features subtle blends with contrasting colors to give your roof depth and beauty. Aside from the aesthetics, this high-quality shingle is designed with Advanced Protection Technology, which minimizes the use of natural resources while providing superior protection for homes and business establishment. Read more »

5 Reasons Why You Need to Hire a Contractor

Tired of recurring leaks and other roofing problems? If you think you can tackle it yourself, you better think again. Your roofing in Cleveland requires more technical skills than what you think. Here are 5 reasons why you need to hire a contractor for your roof problems:

Professional Touch

Roofing contractors in Cleveland Ohio make a living from installing and repairing roofs day in and day out. Campopiano Roofing is very serious about providing the best for their customers that they extensively and constantly train with different roof manufacturers for the latest practices and techniques. So if anybody knows more about and how to handle different roofing problems, it’s definitely the roofers. Read more »

Repairing Roof Leaks with Cleveland Roof Repair Contractors

One of the annoying roofing issues we usually experience during heavy downpours is leaking. What most homeowners are not so much aware of that the roof takes a lot of beating but rarely maintained or inspected. This article from informs residents to check the condition of their flashing – an essential part of the roofing system – to avoid deterioration: Read more »

Understanding the Warranty Coverage for Your Roofing

More often than not, consumers turn to warranties when things around the house go wrong and eventually get frustrated when it fail to cover those needs. Sadly, homeowners who usually are unfamiliar with the indicated specifications usually end up carrying heavy financial responsibilities. This situation does happen, including other common issues that are enumerated in an article released on a local news portal, Read more »

Beat the Summer Heat: Roofs for Commercial Buildings

Isn’t it annoying that weather conditions this season are hitting extremes? Not only homeowners are spending a lot of effort to cool themselves, but the overwhelming heat this summer is already affecting the room temperature of skyscrapers in the city. Due to this, various innovations already been devised to give solutions – one of those are cool roofs. According to an article posted on, Art Rosenfield, a scientist at the University of Chicago has been endorsing this due to its cooling benefits: Read more »